2007 Health Freedom Congress Resolutions

Resolution: #1:
Citizens Supporting the Sovereignty of American Law

We support the sovereignty of American Law, and the right of the American people to govern themselves through elected representative government; rather than having American agencies and courts following the rulings, standards, and guidelines of international institutions or foreign governments.

Among other things, the sovereignty of American Law is in jeopardy in the following ways with respect to threats to Health Freedom:

  1. The CODEX Alimentarius created by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations is developing international standards and guidelines that restrict, limit, and fundamentally change Americans’ rights in health care choices.
  2. Americans currently enjoy free access to dietary supplements, in large part because the American model of regulation is: unless something is specifically forbidden, it is allowed. In contrast, the European model of regulation is: unless something is specifically allowed, it is forbidden.
  3. CODEX is using highly-restrictive European Union standards to govern food, dietary supplements and healthcare modalities, which are poised to be forced upon the American people.
  4. BE it therefore resolved that U.S. executive and independent agencies shall not bypass the U.S. Congress by adopting or enacting into domestic law those regulations, guidelines, and standards from international institutions or foreign governments.

Resolution #2:
The United States Health Freedom Assembly supports the concept and passage of safe harbor health freedom exemption bills in the healing arts, and does not support mandatory registration, certification, or licensure that would force persons to gain a privilege from the government before they engage in a healing act, when such act does not pose an immanent and significant risk of significant and direct harm to the public.

Resolution #3:
We oppose any law or any interpretation of law that will determine the safety of food and/or dietary supplements based on drug-related, risk- benefit analysis models.

Resolution #4
With the exception of industrial chemicals added to the food or drug supply, the burden of proof of safety or the lack thereof for any product regulated by the FDA should rest with the FDA.

Resolution #5
The U.S. Health Freedom Assembly shall establish a committee to investigate and design the establishment of an information coordination center that can rapidly evaluate and disseminate health freedom information, which will employ a central database of health freedom member information and the means to disseminate information to and from via mail, email, fax, phone, and other media outlets to legislators, government agencies, industry, the general public, and other principals involved with health freedom issues.