Health Freedom

Stephanie Anderson


Stephanie Anderson has a personal interest in health freedom not just as a practitioner, but also as a consumer, mother, and American citizen. She is a traditional naturopath and holds various additional natural health certifications. She has a passion for educating and coaching others.

Stephanie first became involved in Health Freedom after attending a Health Freedom Expo and learning that many of our health-related freedoms hang in a delicate balance across our nation. She was surprised and startled to learn that many of the freedoms she took for granted were threatened. This prompted her to get involved and help educate other practitioners and consumers of natural health. She was honored to be asked to serve on the National Health Freedom Coalition board.

Beyond natural health and health freedom, Stephanie has over sixteen years of corporate consulting experience. Additionally, she and her husband raise grass-fed Angus beef. They are also very active in a Bible-based church and serve on international mission trips about once a year.