2014 Wrap Up – States Working on Protection of Natural Health Practitioners!

December 22, 2014

2014 Wrap Up
States Working on Protection
of Natural Health Practitioners!

In many states, holistic practitioners are unable to legally practice because restrictive licensure laws make them vulnerable to charges of practicing medicine (or another licensed occupation) without a license. That’s why National Health Freedom Action steps up to change the outdated laws and public policies that put so many practitioners at risk. Here is a brief overview of NHFA’s 2014 state work- and glimpses of our 2015 work- with the many states in protecting access to natural health practitioners.

We celebrate Michigan’s victory of repealing their restrictive Dietitian law that prohibited free speech regarding nutrition and food. Thank you to all those Michigan citizens who worked on this great effort!

We were challenged in 2014 to witness Maryland’s Naturopathic Medicine Licensing bill pass with a broad scope of practice, but no exemptions for unlicensed traditional naturopaths, herbalists or other natural health practitioners. Citizens will now need to step forward to help get an exemption to this new restrictive law.

In Hawaii , a Sunrise Review Committee is studying whether to mandate government-endorsed education and licensure of all herbalists. NHFA believes this would unnecessarily restrict many HI practitioners from offering herbal remedies to their clients, and submitted formal opposition comments to the study agency. Click Here to read NHFA’s formal comments and a summary statement.

NHFA is engaged across the country, providing expert attorney support, drafting of bills and amendments, and strategy coaching to teams in many states!

In Nevada, health freedom activists have resumed efforts to move a Consumer Choice Protection bill to protect access to traditional unlicensed natural health care practitioners such as herbalists, homeopaths, traditional naturopaths and more.

Massachusetts Health Freedom Action is working with a lobbying firm to introduce and pass a health freedom bill to protect access to their traditional natural health care practitioners.

In New Jersey, the Natural Healing Alliance emerged this year in response to notifications to Reiki practitioners that they could no longer practice without a massage license. NHA is supporting NJ S.B. 1068, a bill to amend the NJ Massage and Bodywork Licensing Act to protect energy and light-touch practitioners.

In other states, The Colorado Sunshine Health Freedom group is committed to continuing work to remove the unconstitutional ban on natural health care therapies for children passed in 2013. And Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition continues to seek membership and support to move their Wisconsin Consumer Choice and Wellnesslegislation forward to protect natural health practitioners. In Illinois there are two health freedom groups, Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom and Illinois Sunshine Health Freedom Coalition, and they both are eager to get a health freedom bill introduced in 2015 to protect access, and the right to practice, of unlicensed natural health care practitioners.

There are now nine states that have some form of Safe Harbor laws that protect the ability of herbalists, traditional naturopaths, homeopaths, and many others to practice without fear of criminal or civil charges for the unlicensed practice of a regulated health care profession. With your help NHFA will take these victories to the rest of the country to ensure that holistic healing is accessible to all.

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