Ask your US Senator or Congressman to attend an urgent Vaccine-Autism Link briefing Thursday May 12

Ask your US Senator or Congressman
to attend an urgent Vaccine-Autism
Link briefing Thursday May 12

New Study Of
US Government Vaccine Injury Court
Awards Reveals 40% of the 150 cases
reviewed had a Vaccine-Autism Link!!

(Despite government officials long-term stand
that they have “never concluded in any case
that autism was caused by vaccination.”)

Click Here: Ask Your Senator and Congressperson to go to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Breakfast Briefing on 5/12 to discuss this government cover up of the Vaccine-Autism Link!

Over the course of two decades the U.S. Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP, or “Vaccine Court”) has settled about 1,300 cases of vaccine-induced brain injury in children. The authors of a new study in the Pace Environmental Law Reviewconducted an intensive investigation of 150 of the cases to find out whether any of those cases involved autism. Despite the fact that government officials continue to proclaim that “HHS has never concluded in any case that autism was caused by vaccination.” (HHS website), the investigation found that 40% of the 150 reviewed cases compensated for vaccine injury were associated with autism.

More than likely, these cases are only the tip of the iceberg. If all 1300 cases settled for vaccine-induced brain injury have similar rates of autism, then possibly hundreds of cases of autism have been settled and federally compensated.

The study showed that autism and vaccine injury are clearly linked. Government officials have simply been playing deceptive word games distinguishing “autism” from “encephalopathy or residual seizure disorder.”

These autistic children could have been the “canaries in the coal mine” who warned us of the oncoming autism epidemic. They could have been studied to find clues to the autism epidemic and prevent further cases. Instead, the government chose to downplay any evidence of a vaccine-autism connection.

  • In the beginning of the VICP, autism cases were routinely settled under the heading of encephalopathy or residual seizure disorder. However, since 2002, the VICP has used a double standard to deny vaccine-induced autism.
  • When parents approach the “vaccine court” not using the “autism” label, but instead claiming encephalopathy or residual seizure disorder, children with autism can be compensated.
  • Once the autism epidemic began and it became clear how many children were being injured, the government began shunting cases that openly included the word autism into the Omnibus Autism Proceeding.
  • The Omnibus Autism Proceeding became a vehicle used to deny claims, based on studies showing no link between vaccines and autism. Thousands of autism vaccine injury claims have been denied based on the Omnibus Action decisions.
  • When vaccine injury is openly called autism, compensation is denied to children, even when there is the same pattern of brain injury.

Urgent actions must be taken to restore access to the legal process, reform vaccine safety management and end the Age of Autism. Congress created VICP in 1986 to provide rapid and generous compensation for vaccine injury. Instead, it has become an adversarial system that parents seeking damages have found nearly impossible to navigate. The VICP requires urgent reform, the agencies responsible for this crisis should be investigated and every child who was injured should be studied so we can prevent further vaccine injury and find ways to improve the lives of those already harmed.

We call on Congress to hold full-scale hearings to investigate the government cover-up of vaccine-induced autism. The VICP needs a massive overhaul and must be replaced with an honest and transparent legal process to save families bankrupted by vaccine injury. Government must start dedicating research staff and funds to study vaccine injuries, treat current victims and prevent future injuries.

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