August 2014 eLetter

NHFC Summer Newsletter! We hope you’re enjoying friends, foods and activities that bring you health and happiness this summer. Here are a few Health Freedom updates we thought you would enjoy!

  1. Ask and You Shall Receive. Michigan successfully repeals Dietitian Law – an historic accomplishment! Read More.
  2. How to Ask for What you Want. GMO-labeling initiative successes and steadfast efforts. Read More.
  3. If You Don’t Ask, You Won’t Get. New initiatives empowering health seekers continue to come forward such as Mercury Free Baby and a film on Lyme Disease called Under Your Skin. Read More.
  4. NHFC Health Freedom Congress set to reconvene in Minnesota. Read More.
  5. Find out what NHFA, the sister organization of NHFC, has been up to recently. Read More.

1. Congratulations Michigan on Dietitian Repeal — On Tuesday, July 15, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation HB 4688 to repeal the state’s nutrition and dietetics licensing law, which essentially made it illegal for most non-RDs to provide meaningful nutrition counseling. With this health freedom win, Michigan became the first state to eliminate an RD-centric law and thereby restored its citizens’ Right to Access nutrition services from the natural health practitioner of their choice! Thank you Michigan for sending a message to other state legislatures to promote consumer choice over private economic interests! Also, many thanks to the activists who helped make this repeal become reality.

2. GMO-labeling Ups, Downs, and Future – Vermont wins and becomes first state with GMO-labeling requirements (VT) and California misses by just two votes and is committed to going forward again CA) . The GMO labeling activists across the country remain steadfast on securing and defending mandatory labeling laws, with or without state legislatures. Here are some of the challenges they’ll face in 2014 – 2015 and beyond:

See A. Below to learn about 2014 Ballot Initiatives in Oregon and Colorado.

See B. Below to learn how Vermont will defend its new GMO-Labeling law in court.

See C. Below to learn how glyphosate, the active ingredient in the pesticide, Round-up, impacts you — even if you don’t eat GMOs.

A. 2014 Ballot Initiative in Oregon and Colorado


Oregon Right to Know reports they surpassed the number of signatures necessary for Initiative Petition 44 to go forward. Oregon’s Initiative Petition 44 would require all raw and packaged food that is entirely or partially produced with genetic engineering to include the words “Genetically Engineered” clearly on the front or back of the package. Retailers would have to place a clear label on the store shelf for raw foods that are not packaged. Two counties in Oregon already successfully banned GMOs within their boundaries; Jackson County (Our Family Farms Coalition;  65.9% YES to 34.1%; NO. 15-119 Ordinance to Ban Growing of Some “Genetically-Engineered” (defined) Plants [Read the Ordinance here]) and Josephine County (GMO Free Josephine County; 58% YES to 41% NO 17-58; Josephine County Genetical ly Engineered Plant Ordinance [Read the Ordinance Here]).


Colorado signature-gathering for a Novembervoter initiative is still underway. Upon the completion of a rally and a march on August 4th, the group will hand-deliver all of their petition signatures to the Secretary of State. To view the ballot title as approved by the Colorado Supreme Court, click here.

B. Vermont to Defend GMO-Law in Court.

As anticipated, Vermont’s breakthrough passage of a no-strings-attached mandatory GMO-Labeling bill, HB 112, won’t go unchallenged. Four trade-group organizations whose members would be affected by Vermont’s new law filed a lawsuit in federal court last month challenging the measure’s constitutionality. The law is set to take effect on July 1, 2016.Challengers to the Vermont law are the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), the Snack Food Association, the International Dairy Foods Association and the National Association of Manufacturers. For an assessment of Vermont’s chance of success at defending the law in court by Emord & Associates, click here.

C. Glyphosates

Even if you follow a GMO-free diet or eat only organic foods, the chemicals sprayed on non-organic and GMO-crops can still impact you in numerous ways. As Don Huber explains, glyphosate, which is marketed as Roundup® by Monsanto, is pervasively sprayed on much more than Roundup Ready crops and is a contributing cause of bee colony collapse disorder.Bee colony collapse disorder (CCD) is “a growing threat to the efficient production of fruits, vegetables and nut crops, in addition to the critical role of bees as pollinators for numerous seed crops.” Educate yourself and spread the word about the impact of the pervasive use of glyphosate:

  • Listen to Non-GMO activist, Jeffrey Smith , Executive Director and Founder – Institute for Responsible Technology, interview Dr. Stephanie Seneff PhD – Senior Research Scientist at MIT – about how this extensively used chemical affects our human body as well as the environment and the inherent dangers associated with this chronic toxin.Click Here to watch the Interview.
  • Support the making of a new film on the dangers of glyphosate, A New Resistance by Clicking Here .
  • Print a copy of IRT’s revised Non-GMO Shopping Guide. Featuring over 150 brands currently enrolled in the Non-GMO Project, this purse/pocket-sized guide will help you identify and avoid foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) while you shop.Download it here.

3. New Empowering Initiatives – NHFC knows the health of your family is top priority and encourages you to exercise your right to choose the health care modalities that are best for you –according to what is important to you. Simply asking more questions can empower you to make health care decisions that truly support your priorities; sometimes, however, just knowing what questions to ask can be tough. Check out these exciting resources designed to help you make informed choices:

Mercury Free Baby, a campaign dedicated to parents and moms-to-be, strives to ensure that no child, born or unborn, ever incurs avoidable mercury exposure from a product that was supposed to improve their health, not harm it.Click Here to learn more and spread the word.

The film, Under Our Skin, is a powerful exposé of the Lyme disease issue, both the science and the politics of it, and it provides a clear view of the serious and ongoing health freedom issues that surround the practice of treating Lyme disease. The producers of this film are allowing a full and FREE viewing through Friday, August 1. Click Here or Here to View Under Our Skin.

4. US Health Freedom Congress – The United States Health Freedom Congress will re-convene on September 26-27, 2014, in St. Paul, Minnesota, bringing together over 40 health freedom organizations and their trusted leaders from across the nation and numerous other leaders and general participants. The attendees will join and work together for two days, culminating in the Saturday evening Health Freedom Awards Banquet with keynote speaker Barbara Loe Fisher. To learn more, Click Here.

5. NHFA Action Organization – NHFA, NHFC’s sister organization, is committed to supporting state bills promoting freedom of choice in health caresuch as State Safe Harbor Exemption laws to protect unlicensed natural health care practitioners and Expanded Care Practice Acts for holistic doctors and other holistic licensed professionals. Download NHFA’s latest state update by Clicking Here.

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