Daniel Hauser and His Mother, Colleen Hauser, Are Missing

RELEASE: May 20, 2009
National Health Freedom Coalition
Contact: Attorney D. Miller 507-663-9018, 651-470-7367

Daniel Hauser and His Mother, Colleen Hauser, Are Missing and Targets of Warrants Because They Did Not Appear at a Hearing Intended to Continue Forcing Daniel to Follow the Orders of Conventional Medical Cancer Doctors.

Daniel was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and Has Chosen to Refuse Chemotherapy and Use Natural Holistic Medical Care and Practitioners for his Cancer.

The search for Daniel and Colleen is on. The polarization of the country is apparent. Americans want to know! Why can’t Daniel go to an alternative cancer clinic and use a Pediatric Oncologist in the U.S. to get treated without chemotherapy? The answer to that question is simple. In most states, medical doctors cannot speak what they know about alternative health and cancer cures. They must recommend the “prevailing and accepted minimum standard of care” or they might lose their medical license. In the c ase of cancer, that standard most often involves recommendations of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. International clinics are leading the world in their holistic customized cancer cure approaches and the U.S. is still dependent on bombarding the body with large doses of the toxic chemotherapy drugs in the hopes of killing cancer cells and the patient surviving the onslaught.

Large media outlets are ignoring the defense’s case. Defense testimony of renowned Dr. Norm Shealy M.D. let the court know that he would not take chemotherapy himself if you gave him a trillion dollars, expounding on the reasons, and the political climate that holds the chemotherapy industry in place. The defense testimony of Dr. Robert Irons Ph.D., business owner and former researcher in the National Cancer Institute, gave detailed testimony about the dangerous and long term side effects of each drug in the multiple drug chemotherapy regimen that was administered to Daniel Hauser, and testified on the importance of informed consent for children with cancer. Defense testimony of Dr. Helen Healy, ND, explained the naturopathic medicine approach to cancer without chemotherapy and her experience working with people both who use chemotherapy and who refuse it, to address their cancer concerns.

How did our nation arrive at a place where the government is in charge of endorsing certain kinds of health and medical care and approaches to healing and disallowing others and then that same government being able to use their police power to force that endorsed care upon children against their parents wishes?”

NHFC contends that: “No human, not adults nor children, nor physically or emotionally challenged persons, should ever be forced to ingest toxic lethal substances against their own wi shes – whether life saving or not. Dangerous substances should not be used to save a life without the consent of parent or patient themselves. Government has no right to be the gatekeepers of life and death with the use of toxic and potentially lethal injections or administration of substances without patient or parental consent.

The government’s interest in saving a life has to give way to a person’s wishes when the means of saving a life involve subjecting a human to toxic or lethal substances, injections, or invasive procedures that in and of themselves can cause death, disfigurement, sterilization, risk of heart failure, future cancers and terminal illnesses, excruciating suffering and discomfort, or long term physical or emotional damage or harm.”

On May 19th, 2009, Daniel Hauser, the 13 years old, who is refusing six additional rounds of chemotherapy for his Hodgkin Lymphoma, and his mother Colleen, did not show up for a hearing scheduled for the purpose of discussing how to proceed to get Daniel to comply with conventional treatment protocols for cancer. Daniel is using holistic, natural, complementary and alternative health care for his condition and was deemed in need of protective services by the Court on May 15th, and his parents, Colleen and Anthony Hauser are supporting their son’s decision to refuse chemotherapy, having a long history of using natural medicines. Yesterday, without Daniel present or his mother, the Court awarded custody of Daniel to Brown County, and a warrant for Colleen, and a warrant for Daniel’s apprehension was put out to locate him so the Brown County could carry out forcing him to be evaluated by Pediatric Oncologists for a next step in conventional cancer treatments. The Hausers are dairy farmers in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota.

The National Health Freedom Coalition affirms that the parents of Danny Hauser have acted responsibly as parents. The Hausers have studied their many options for treating their child’s serious illness and have made the decision that the natural, non-toxic, and holistic approach to healing gives their son his best chance for long term survival and recovery. The Hausers have learned that there are many less toxic methods available across the country and around the world to restore the body to health when it has cancer. The Hauser parents are acting responsibly and their right to make this decision in the best interest of their child should be protected. The Hauser case is an example of the need to better protect the right of individuals, including parents acting on behalf of a minor child, to choose their own method of healing, whether conventional medicine or holistic approaches.

The Hausers are heroes for health freedom. Between the medical issues and the legal issues, the Hausers are walking the path of all health freedom advocates and all health-seekers discerning their best health care options and fighting for their constitutional rights to carry them out.

National Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC) supports Daniel Hauser and his parents Colleen and Anthony Hauser. Our mission statement is: “to promote access to all health care information, services, treatments and products that the people deem beneficial for their own health and survival; to promote an understanding of the laws and factors impacting the right to access; and to promote the health of the people of this nation.”

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