Dr. Clark Research Association Monthly Grant to National Health Freedom Coalition!

Dr. Clark Research Association
Provides $4,000/month Matching Grant to
National Health Freedom Coalition!

Press Release from National Health Freedom Coalition

February 10, 2014

Dr. Clark Research Association is leading the way in 2014 in supporting and strengthening the health freedom movement across the country by providing National Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC) with a matching grant of $4,000 month.

To make a monthly pledge to NHFC that will be matched by the Dr. Clark Research AssociationMatching Grant, click here.

Dr. Clark Research Association, internationally known for its remarkable line of products, its online educational newsletter, and its cutting edge educational health seminars supporting the work of Dr. Hulda Clark, is not only a business that works for the good of peoples’ health, but it also works for health freedom, ensuring that all people have health options. Partnering with NHFC in its matching grant, Dr. Clark Research Association provides a way for everyone to contribute to the health freedom movement and make health freedom a movement for all people.

With the association’s support NHFC has been able to have an outstanding year of accomplishments. It hosted the 2012 and 2013 United States Health Freedom Congress at the Schaumburg Illinois Marriott, bringing together even more US leaders and organizations than in years past, making the total number of health freedom organization Health Freedom Congress members forty five. These organizations discussed and adopted health freedom strategies that strengthened the voice and solidarity of the health freedom movement.

In addition to hosting the Congress, NHFC’s Director of Law and Public Policy, Diane Miller, JD, provided presentations and consultation throughout the year to numerous state health freedom leaders, assisting them in their intense work to promote health freedom policies and laws right within their own states. NHFC also keeps its members and subscribers abreast of federal issues, writing explanatory memos for the public about FDA and FTC current issues, and working on special projects such as assisting the drafting of public policy resolutions.

NHFC is deeply grateful for the Dr. Clark Research Association Matching Grant and its wonderful support and is excited to find individuals and groups that will step up and match the grant with their monthly contributions.

TTo make a monthly pledge to NHFC that will be matched by the Dr. Clark Research Association Matching Grant, click here.

Your pledge will also help us maintain the grant by reaching the goal of $4000 each month!

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