Eleven Year Old Sarah Hershberger And Her Parents In Hiding To Avoid Dangerous Court Ordered Chemotherapy For Sarah

December 1, 2013

Eleven Year Old Sarah Hershberger
And Her Parents In Hiding To Avoid Dangerous
Court Ordered Chemotherapy For Sarah

Do you believe you have the right to refuse chemotherapy for your child? Do you believe you can go get a second, third, or fourth opinion or use natural healing for curing your child of cancer? Ohio Courts have ordered that Sarah Hershberger receive chemotherapy against her and her parents’ wishes and that a hospital affiliated third party nurse/attorney be appointed as guardian and replace Sarah Hershberger’s parents’ medical decision making authority, forcing Sarah to resume chemotherapy . Click Here to Take Action and Read More

Parents across the country are on the alert and vigilant, watching the outcome of Sarah’s legal case which has now been appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court. Sarah, her parents, and Sarah’s youngest out of seven siblings, have gone into hiding to protect themselves from government interference with their medical choices. It is NHFA’s understanding that Sarah is cancer free after using natural treatments and that the Hershbergers are homesick and heartsick.

NHFA believes that parents’ rights and liberty interests should be protected at all costs when responsible thoughtful parents are working to discern the path of wellness and health for their children. Especially when lethal toxic substances are being recommended for life threatening situations, the parents are best equipped to make the life and death decisions for their children. The state has no business imposing its values into the homes of families that are responsible and working to save their own childrens’ lives. The Hershberger’s are suitable, dedicated parents, who are far from negligent, and most deeply committed to the health and well-being of their daughter Sarah.

Please take a few moments to support the Hershberger Family in the following ways:

Make a Phone Call: Contact Akron Children’s Hospital to lodge a complaint with their PR department, (330) 543-1000, for recommending third party guardianship of Sarah and for financially supporting the attorney seeking guardianship over Sarah.

Click Here to read Article: “Amish Girl Being Forced Into Chemotherapy Fled the U.S. for Natural Treatments is Said to Be Cancer Free Now” by David Michael, Investigative Reporter.

Click Here to Support the Hershberger family and the Resources Campaign.

Click Here to read Court Documents

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