NHFA Worked Hard in Spring 2011 State Legislative Sessions For Health Freedom

NHFA Worked Hard in Spring 2011 State Legislative Sessions For Health Freedom

(Click Here to view NHFA’s State-by-State Session Bill Summary!)

State Health Freedom success is happening. NHFA works with amazing and effective state health freedom groups, supporting health freedom initiatives.

NHFA continues to support state initiatives for Safe Harbor Exemption bills for independent health care practitioners, so that practitioners can continue to practice in the public domain without getting charged criminally for practicing a state licensed medical profession. NHFA is committed to protecting consumer access to herbalists, traditional naturopaths, homeopaths, nutrition consultants, body workers, and culturally specific healing practices, that are not currently regulated by the states and that do not rise to the level of concern requiring state oversight, certification, registration, or licensure.

NHFA supports many other state freedom bills promoting freedom of choice in health care such as: the Expanded Care Practice Acts for holistic licensed professionals (so that licensed practitioners can practice holistic practices without losing their licenses for going outside of their standards of care); bills that promote mercury free vaccines; bills that protect consumer philosophical exemptions for vaccine mandates; bills that protect access to raw unpasteurized foods such as raw milk and farm fresh products; bills that honor parents’ rights to choose alternative health care for their children, and many more.

To read NHFA’s report on health freedom action in the legislatures, state by state, click here.

To view NHFA’s Power Point presentation on state and federal health freedom, including state legislation (impacting practitioners’ freedom to practice), and federal legislation (impacting food, dietary supplements, and devices), click here.

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