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Thanks for Your Action to Oppose
Expansion of FTC Rulemaking Power over Supplements

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Thank you for your action emails on opposing expansion of FTC authority in S3217! You were successful!     The Senate did not accept any amendments that expanded the authority of the FTC in S3217, Senator Dodds “Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010” bill. S3217 passed the Senate on May 20, 2010, without these bad FTC amendments.

It’s not over! Keep the emails coming!!!   Because now the bill is on its way to a conference committee where once again the House and Senate finance reform bills will be considered! We want to make sure that Section 4901 of the House version of HB 4713, the dangerous language that attempted to wipe out the Magnuson-Moss law that currently keeps restrictions on FTC authority, is not added to the final bill.

Click here to TAKE ACTION and write your Senators and Congresspersons and oppose any amendment to the finance reform bill that would expand FTC’s authority . We must make sure that the finance reform bill does not reinstate broad powers for the FTC, making businesses, including dietary supplement manufacturers, once again vulnerable to the biased activities of this huge agency.

For more detailed information, read the update from our colleagues atNational Health Federation.

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