Oppose Senate Bill 2936 as written and request health freedom exemption amendment!

September 24, 2012

Action Needed in Illinois

Oppose Senate Bill 2936 as written and
request health freedom exemption amendment!

OPPOSE and AMEND Illinois S.B. 2936, the Illinois Dietitian Licensing bill!
Illinois current monopolistic Dietitian law is scheduled to be automatically repealed in 2013 and Senate Bill 2936, introduced in 2012, is attempting to extend the law until 2023. The Illinois Dietitian and Nutrition Services law is one of the most restrictive monopolistic Dietitian laws in the U.S and needs to be repealed or amended. Click Here to Take Action.

Illinois S.B. 2936 would perpetuate an oppressive law in Illinois which has civil fines for unlicensed practice of nutrition services of $5,000, including anyone who recommends, advises, or practices in the area of nutrition if they are not licensed as Dietitian Nutritionists.Click Here to read S.B. 2936 as introduced:.

This law needs to be repealed NOW! Or, in the alternative, this law needs to have the health freedom safe harbor amendment added to exempt unlicensed citizens who give nutritional advice from charges of violations. The bill has received some amendments from licensed occupation interest groups but those amendments are inadequate to protect the rights of all citizens to recommend nutritional advice. In addition those amendments would keep in place all of the violation penalties for practice without a license. The bill is the Senate Assignments Committee and will continue to move forward at the start of session in November 2012.

What you can do to TAKE ACTION:

If you live in Illinois Click Here to Take Action by entering your Zip Code and sending an automatic message directly to your Illinois state legislator opposing SB 2936!

If you do not live in Illinois Take Action Below!

What EVERYONE can do:

Immediately contact all the members of the Senate (see instructions below), to let them know you Oppose S.B. 2936 and that you want the health freedom exemption added to the bill to protect unlicensed practitioners. Then, contact your personal Senate and Assembly Representatives to tell them to Vote NO on S.B. 2936. Contact legislators by phone, email, or personal letter or by going to their website and filling out their contact form. Also, keep in touch to come to any future hearings.

What the Bill Does:

S.B. 2936 would extend Illinois monopolistic Dietitian and Nutrition services law until 2023 and perpetuates the oppressive penalties for unlicensed practice of $5,000 for each offense. The definition of Dietetics and Nutrition services is so broad that it makes illegal anyone who gives nutrition recommendations and advice for remuneration who does not have a license including herbalists, naturopaths, nutritional consultants, and others who have nutrition advice businesses who talk about food and herbs all the time. The current exemption language in the bill is unhelpful and does not protect citizens who give nutritional advice, counseling, and recommendations.

Contacting Legislators:

1. Contact Illinois Senate Members. Call the office phone numbers, listed here, and leave a message with each member of the Senate. E-mail, fax or mail the attached action letter, or your own letter, to the senators. Call from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and from 8 a.m. to adjournment on Saturdays.

The message : “I oppose S.B. 2936 as written – it unconstitutionally limits our freedom of speech on nutrition information and decreases and jeopardizes consumer options in natural health care. Please add the safe harbor health freedom exemption to this bill to protect unlicensed citizens.”

2. Distribute Call to Action Letter. Please sign the one-page action letter (available for download by clicking here), or your own letter, and send by e-mail, fax, or regular mail to the members of the Senate and your personal Senator and Representatives. Also, please forward this email to your friends and family to have them take action too. Telephone calls, emails or letters are extremely important at this time!

3. Tips for When Contacting Personal and other Individual Senate and House Representatives:

If you write or e-mail , begin your communication with “Dear Senator (or Representative) ____________:” Include the bill number, for example: “RE: Please Oppose S.B. 2936.”

Please take the time to write a personal note on your letter as this will have a greater impact with the legislators. Tell them about your rights as a consumer in Illinois to a free and educated choice in health care providers. Also tell them that you depend on alternative and complementary care for you and your family.

Build a relationship with your personal Senate and Assembly Representatives . Make an appointment, call them, write them and email them, and start building a strong relationship with them.

To determine who your personal Senate and Assembly Representatives are, please click here, and enter your address in the boxes provided and click “Search”.

When Hearings are scheduled, please plan to attend.

THANK YOU for your commitment to Health Freedom! If you have questions, contact us here.

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