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The Affordable Health Care for America Act

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H.R. 3962 infringes on Americans’ individual freedoms and liberties and harms generations to come.

Bill H.R. 3962 arrived IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES November 10, 2009.

  • This bill would unconstitutionally force, by coercion, Americans to obtain only government endorsed health insurance.
  • Under this bill, major authority for decisions relating to the provision of health care will be given to bureaucrats as opposed to health care providers and health care would be limited based upon conventional “best practices” standards agreed upon by these agency employees and based on population statistics instead of the wisdom of your practitioner.
  • Who will pay for the start up funds of 2 trillion dollars? What about the debt we leave for our children of a purchase we did not support in the first place?
  • Health seekers that use complementary and alternative medicine will have a hard time finding their preferred practitioner providing their preferred services in a government run system.
  • The bill caters throughout to big drug businesses ensuring markets for large drug companies.
  • The bill reduces privacy with our personal health information and medical records.

Ever since this bill was introduced there has been a stated urgency to get it passed immediately instead of discussing the issues openly and in detail with the public. The frantic process has made it virtually impossible to read all the various versions and amendments, and to track the ongoing changes of this bill and provide up to date info for consumers. In light of that, we have chosen outstanding issues that are recurring and have greatest impact on health freedoms. In fact, this bill continues the ongoing government legacy of promoting conventional drug and device based programs and ignoring freedom to choose and access natural and alternative healing methods from the practitioner of your choice which is the foundation and the heart and soul of the health freedom movement.

  • Most egregiously, this bill attempts to force Americans to obtain government endorsed or qualified health insurance. The bill mandates that if you do not have qualified insurance, you will be taxed in order to pay for the program for all other Americans. One Democratic Senator commented that it really isn’t unconstitutional to force Americans to do anything. Rather, she said she likes to use the term “shared responsibility”. Shared responsibility can happen without giving up our constitutional freedoms and supporting monopolies. When a government can force it’s citizenry into contracts involuntarily demanding that citizens use their own money for such contracts because the government thinks it is a good cause, we are in major trouble. The role of government in our lives is to support our decisions of free choice, protect our diverse options, create more access to our options, prevent monopolies and abuse of power, protect citizens from being harmed by system manipulations and financial imbalances, hold government and large financial interests accountable to the people, so that Americans can experience personal freedom and financial abundance. In the current bill the government is doing the exact opposite. It is mandating that citizens must contract for a particular kind of health care endorsed by government. That could be likened to a “medical police state”. In addition, the health care that the government would endorse is flooded with financial interests of selling contracts for products and services of a particular kind. There are millions of Americans that do not want to obtain government endorsed health insurance because they do not wish to use the conventional medical system through a conventional health plan; they may even think it is dangerous, and they do not want to promote or entrench the current system with all of its problems. Their position is based on well established research that the conventional medical system of America is the third leading cause of death in America, next to cancer and heart problems. National Health Freedom Action supports consumers in choosing whatever they wish for their medical care. But Americans shall not be coerced into giving money to something that they do not voluntarily choose, and for some, that they know is killing some people and harming the nation.
  • Under this bill, health care would be rationed based upon conventional “best practices” standards agreed upon by bureaucrats and based on population statistics. This is opposed to the unique background and knowledge of your practitioner and your unique qualities as a human being. When government comes between you and your practitioner you lose the quality and confidence you expect from your health care provider and your health care provider will have instances where their hands will be tied in recommending what they, as practitioners, believe would be the best thing for you.
  • Who will pay for the start up funds of 2 trillion dollars? Given the vulnerable financial position of America, are taxpayers ready for this debt? The bill says there will not be bailouts to cover the debt. What does this mean? And what about the debt we leave for our children. Better to spend our money teaching our children how to be well than throwing money into a health care system that is fraught with financial interests for product and services sales and contract competition.
  • Health seekers that use complementary and alternative medicine may have a hard time finding their preferred practitioner in a government run system because the politics of complementary and alternative medicine will eliminate many choices for consumers.
  • The bill caters to big drug business interests by ensuring greater markets for large drug companies. Just one example alone, it gives a twelve year extended monopoly to specific biologic drug companies. This is abuse of power and being opposed by cancer victims who are beginning to see the politics of medicine play out as funds raised for cancer cures are going to the promotion of big drug industry.
  • The bill, with all of its evaluations of eligibilities, completely destroys any hope of having privacy with our personal health information and medical records. In the words of Sue Blevins’s from Institute for Health Freedom, the bill would: “finish laying the building blocks for computerized “Nationwide Health Information Network” (NHIN) without patients’ consent.”

The above points are just some of the ways that patient choice and access to diverse options will be limited if this bill were to pass. This bill has brought people into the most important discussion of health in America. If we don’t have healthy citizens, we will weaken and collapse as a country and community. If Americans and the American market place cannot produce a health care system that is workable, affordable, and that cares for people as oppose to catering to large drug and device moneys, we will weaken and collapse as a country and community. We cannot hand over our responsibility for health to our government. But we can use the power of the government to support fairness, financial reform, and an equitable marketplace for health care. This bill is forcing us all to take a good look at the role of government in our lives. And to talk about the issues and grapple with the question of “What is the best solution for America’s failing health and failing health care system?” Hopefully, out of all the discussion, the peoples’ wishes will prevail and we will go back to the drawing board to find creative solutions for a healthier America, that do not require the people depending on the federal government to provide a health care system based on conventional drug based medicine. And hopefully the special interests will take a back seat to the well being of the citizenry.

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