National Health Freedom Action opposes Arizona SB1175

National Health Freedom Action
Opposes Licensure of Homeopaths

Action Alert:

Oppose SB 1175 and call AZ Rules Committee members to oppose the licensing of some homeopaths

Support SB 1382 which removes current AZ law restriction on the use of the title “homeopath”.

See bottom of this email for members of the Rules Committee and message

National Health Freedom Action opposes Arizona SB1175, which seeks to add a new category of licensed homeopaths into Arizona law. The bill requires licensure of homeopaths who are not medical doctors but who wish to practice medicine and call themselves doctors, and use the title licensed homeopathic doctor. And the bill has felony penalties for unlicensed practice “as a homeopathic doctor”. NHFA does not support licensure of homeopaths because homeopathy does not pose an imminent risk of harm to the public. Public harm is a required constitutional criteria before any occupation can be licensed because licensure limits the practice of an occupation by other persons who are not licensed. Read NHFA’s statement on why we oppose licensure for homeopaths.

NHFA supports SB 1382, because it removes restrictions on the title “homeopath”. This bill would allow homeopaths in Arizona to say what they actually do.

SB1175 jeopardizes unlicensed homeopaths because it has felony penalties for practicing as a homeopathic doctor, which is defined as “ the practice of medicine in which a person purports to diagnose, treat or correct real or imagined human diseases, injuries, ailments, infirmities and deformities of a physical or mental origin by means of homeopathy or nutrition.” SB 1175 has been amended to remove the restrictions on the title “homeopath” (that is good), but has not been amended to provide a criminal exemption for the “practice” of homeopathy.

Aren’t homeopaths in Arizona already protected by an exemption?

Arizona provides a license to practice homeopathic medicine to licensed medical doctors and the homeopathic medicine licensing statute has an exemption for licensure requirements for the following persons practicing hahnemanian principles:

32-2911.  Persons and acts not affected by chapter
This chapter does not prevent:
10.  The practice of providing treatment of the spiritual vital force in
accordance with hahnemanian principles through the use of remedies that are diluted beyond the concentration of substances in drinking water and prepared in the manner described in the homeopathic pharmacopoeia of the United States.

NHFA believes that the hahnemanian exemption language may not be adequate to protect homeopaths because it does not refer directly back to the definition of “homeopathy” currently in Arizona statute or contain the word homeopath or homeopathy at all.

If SB1175 moves forward , at the very least it should have clearer exemption language in it. We have requested the proponents of this bill to add the following language (they did not agree to add this):

This chapter does not prevent:

11. The practice of homeopathy as defined in Ariz Stat. 32-2901 11. or nutrition, as defined in Ariz Stat. 32-2901 19., as long as the practitioner does not hold him or herself out to the public by using the designation “doctor of homeopathy”, “homeopathic medical doctor”, “homeopathic physician”, “doctor of medicine (homeopathic)” or use any words, initials or symbols that lead the public to believe that the person is a licensed health care professional in this state if this is not true.

NHFA opposes this licensure effort as unnecessary and detrimental to the profession of homeopathy and instead recommends passing safe harbor legislation, which would enable all homeopaths and many other healers to practice their vocation without the need for licensure or criminal violations.

Please call the members of the Rules Committee in the Arizona House and ask them to oppose SB 1175 because it is an attempt at unconstitutional licensure and could restrict the practice of many homeopaths.

Ask them to support SB 1382, which removes current Arizona restriction of the use of the title “homeopath”.

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