S510, The Food Safety Bill, Has Been Passed by the House and Sent to the Senate for Approval

S510, The Food Safety Bill, Has Been Passed by
the House and Sent to the Senate for Approval.

In the Senate, the bill may be included and voted on in the context of a larger bill. Please contact your senators and ask them to reject the language of the Food Safety Bill wherever it should appear.

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S510 was passed in the House by wrapping it into a larger appropriation bill, Continuing Resolution HR 3082. It has now been sent back to the Senate for final approval. This bill, despite the inclusion of positive amendments such as the Tester amendment, to exempt small businesses and organic farmers from certain requirements, will still have adverse effects on these businesses.

S510 greatly expands FDA authority, introducing huge and burdensome regulations on food producers of all kinds. Large food corporations can afford to comply with these regulations, but small ones may not be able to, and they may have to shut down.

S510 will mandate Hazard Analysis and Risk-based Assessment Controls for all “facilities”, and a farm will be considered a “facility” if it sells anything processed like sun-dried tomatoes, jams from their own fruits, or fermented vegetables! (See Fall 2010 Wise Traditions article Chameleon Politics by Judith McGeaery, Esq.)

S510 – gives the FDA power to set “safety standards” which will govern how farmers can grow and harvest their crops! This gives FDA expansive rulemaking capability over the way food is produced and creates a great compliance burden for small farmers. Even the exempted certified organic farmers could find additional standards forced upon them.


THE REAL DANGER is eating produce from factory farms which deplete the soil, produce sprayed and contaminated with toxic herbicides and pesticides.

THE REAL DANGER is meat, milk and eggs produced from caged animals in overcrowded filthy environments, force-fed with genetically modified grains, (GMO’s), antibiotics, and hormones. These unhealthy animals are prone to e coli, salmonella and other infections, and they create dangerous products for American consumption.

TELL YOUR SENATOR, YOU CAN MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE by promoting the sources of real, healthy food in our country. Promote policies that support and encourage small farmers and organic farmers raising healthy animals and healthy produce on good soil, and selling locally to the many citizens that are wisely gravitating to these healthy food products. Please support and encourage this movement, not quash it!

Tell your senator to stop regulating out of business small farms and operations that are providing essential nutrients to local people. Please do not give increased power to the FDA to harass farmers that are wisely outside of the big corporate industrial food system.

Take Action NOW! Demand that your Senators stop this bill and go to the real source of dangers in the Food Supply!

Even if you have contacted your senators before, it is important to do this again now. Let your senators know how damaging this bill would be. Keep your calls and emails coming to oppose S510.

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