Sandra Duffy, Mercury Activist and Health Freedom Leader, Remembered

Sandra Duffy, Mercury Activist and Health Freedom Leader, Remembered

Health freedom attorney Sandra Duffy died peacefully, surrounded by family, on October 2, 2010, of cancer. She is survived by her devoted husband, Robert Greaves, five children and seven grandchildren. She lived with her husband in Portland Oregon, where she worked as an assistant county attorney for Multomah County.

In addition to her family life, Sandy worked on a volunteer basis to speak the truth about the hazards of dental amalgam mercury fillings and to protect the basic freedoms of holistic, mercury free dentists to practice, and to exercise their first amendment rights and speak openly about the hazards of mercury fillings. Some of her notable involvements were:

Oregon: March 2002, in collaboration with the American Civil Liberty Union, she brought an action against the Oregon Dental Board, causing them to rescind its “gag” rule, that restricted dentists’ freedom of speech about mercury in dental fillings.

Iowa: she flew to the Iowa capitol to testify on behalf of dentists’ freedom to speak openly about the amalgam rule. The Iowa board, receiving questions and pressure from a legislative committee, rescinded its gag rule on dentists.

Connecticut: she arranged for the ACLU to intercede on behalf of dentist Mark Breiner, who was being restricted by the state dental board from his right to advertise as a mercury free dentist and to express his opinions on the dental mercury controversy in the news media. The Connecticut Dental Board backed down.

Sandy also succeeded in getting the Oregon legislature to require amalgam mercury separators in dental offices,, in order to protect the environment from mercury when amalgam fillings were placed, or removed and disposed of.

On May 8th, 2003, Sandy provided expert testimony to the Human Rights and Wellness Subcommittee of the US Congress on the dental amalgam mercury issue. She boldly described the dental amalgam mercury cover-up that is orchestrated by the American Dental Association, and the state dental boards that ADA tends to control and dominate, with the apparent collaboration of the dental division of the National Institutes of Health.

Sandy had many other involvements in such truth and freedom issues and was a prominent leader in the Mercury Awareness Team, an activist group in Washington state. She served on the board of the Oregon Center for Environmental Health. She was a member of DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions, for the past ten years. In recent years, Sandy served on the board of Consumers for Dental Choice, and served as its president.

Because Sandy was such a champion for natural health and health freedom, National Health Freedom Coalition invited her to give the keynote address at its 2007 National Health Freedom Assembly. NHFC gave her a Health Freedom Award, in honor of the important work she has done on behalf of our health freedoms.

We honor Sandy Duffy again at this time of her death, and we will remember her for her hard work on behalf of truth and the freedom for practitioners to speak the truth.

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