Support the People of the State of Washington! YES on I-522 – Demand GMO Labeling

September 24, 2013

Support the People
of the State of Washington!
YES on I-522
Demand GMO Labeling

Washington people, we support you! We support your demand for labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms in Food! In November 2013 Washington voters will have an opportunity to make a real difference for Washington consumers and for all people in the United States, setting a precedent by giving Washington people the right to know what genetically modified foods they are eating and feeding their families. Washington will set the pace for the entire country on GMO labeling – please show them your support!

1. Click Here to get involved and support the Yes on 522 campaign in Washington, and help them on the road to victory!

2. Click Here to Read the Initiative Act I-522.

3. Click Here to join Howard Vlieger – Iowa Farmer and GMO Crop Expert & Pamm Larry – Initial Instigator of Prop 37 in California , at the remaining events of their September speaking tour of Washington State, and meet other concerned and active citizens working to get I-522 passed! Link to pdf of schedule of events

I-522 already has strong support from Washington farmers, ranchers, and dairies, both organic and conventional, who are up in arms about the economic and environmental threats posed by genetically engineered wheat, apples, and alfalfa. BUT big money keeps rolling in to the No on 522 campaign ; in total, over $11 million in cash from a growing list of deep-pocketed corporate adversaries, according to filings with the state’s Public Disclosure Commission. The Yes on I-522 campaign – which at one time was winning the all-important fundraising battle – now stands at a significant financial disadvantage.According to filings with the state’s Public Disclosure Commission, Yes on I-522 has brought in just over $3 million and I-522 volunteers expect the barrage of commercials to start very soon!

Washington needs YOU to help make phone calls to borderline voters. The I-522 staff of volunteers is stretched thin and we cannot let what happened in California last year take place in Washington. With the election less than two months away, it’s crucial that you get involved. Please sign up to make phone calls for Washington – in the comfort of your own home, on your own time. There will be scripts, talking points and the system only requires a computer and a phone. Then we have to protect I-522 from being preempted by the federal government. Call your federal officials and tell them you do NOT want them to support any legislation that would preempt state rights to self-governance in regards to food laws. States have the right to require labeling. Phone Washington voters. Phone your elected officials. Your voice is vital in this effort, which we can win if we join together.

Go to to help WA – and the entire country – give consumers knowledge about the foods they are buying. Fifty other countries, including the 27 European Union countries and Japan, have laws mandating that genetically engineered foods be labeled, but the United States does not have a labeling requirement. The Washington people’s initiative, I-522, is our HOPE FOR THE FUTURE on mandatory GMO labeling. As of September 2013, over 20 states in the United States have introduced legislation to require labeling of foods containing or produced with GMOs, aka genetically engineered (GE) foods, but Washington is taking charge with a Ballot Initiative from the people.

Dangers of GMOs: Click Here to read the potential dangers of eating genetically modified foods, spelled out by the Institute for Responsible Technology in “65 Health Risks of GM Foods.

Please forward this to all of your contacts in Washington!

National Health Freedom Action thanks you and looks forward to celebrating a great health freedom victory in November!

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