The 2013 U.S. Health Freedom Congress
A Grand Success

Hosted by
National Health Freedom Coalition


On June 5th, thirty one national health freedom organizations and thirty additional organizations and observers representing millions of Americans came together in Schaumburg, Illinois, to strengthen collaboration in the health freedom movement.

2013 Health Freedom Congress attendees launched their work on the first evening by participating in an Open Space dialogue session, facilitated by Denise Lewis-Premshack of Voice for HOPE, giving attendees an opportunity to express their deepest concerns and visions with each other. The following day their work continued in small groups producing action plans and returning to the larger group where the 31 Voting Members heard the reports and deliberated in the Round.

Special plenary presentations to the Congress were made by Jason Haffley from One Ninth Media on the topic of social media and by Jeffrey Smith from Institute for Responsible Technology on the topic of successful marketing campaigns.
The event culminated with the Awards Banquet and inspiring words from the 2013 Awards Banquet Keynote speaker, Rosemary Gladstar, “godmother of American herbalism”. Awards were presented to four outstanding health freedom leaders: Jeffrey Smith, Jan Kerschner, Scott Tips and Rosemary Gladstar.

The 2013 Voting Members and attendees forged alliances and collaborative plans to ensure the vision of health freedom in our country. We encourage you to know and support these organizations and join in the health freedom movement.

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The 2013 US Health Freedom Congress VOTING MEMBERS and their representatives:

The Canary Party – Patti Carroll
Citizens for Health – James Gormley
Clinton Miller Health Freedom Advocates – Beth Clay
Colorado Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation – Jan Kerschner
CoMeD, Inc. – Janet Kern
Electromagnetic – Camilla Rees
Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance – Judith McGeary
Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund – Peter Kennedy
The Health Keepers Alliance – Julie Whitman-Kline
Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom – Dorothy Chandler
Independent Health Food Stores of America – Claudia Kay David
Institute for Responsible Technology – Jeffrey Smith
Life Extension Foundation – Ben Best
National Health Federation (NHF) – Scott Tips
National Health Freedom Action – Bruce Curtis
National Health Freedom Coalition – Jerri Johnson
North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) – Julie Mann
Nutritional Magnesium Association – Carolyn Dean
Ohio Sunshine Health Freedom Coalition – Susan Gingerich
Organic Consumers Association – Alexis Baden-Mayer – Treon Goossen
Robert Scott Bell Show – Robert Scott Bell
Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation – Chris Ritchason
NMA Media Press/Sherri Tenpenny DO, AOBNMM – Sherri Tenpenny
Truehope Institute – Anthony Stephan
United Plant Savers – Rosemary Gladstar
Virginians for Health Freedom – Becky Hanks
Voice for HOPE Healers of the Planet Earth – Denise Lewis Premschak
Weston A. Price Foundation – Kathryn Pirtle

The 2013 US Health Freedom Congress AWARDEES:

1. Jeffrey Smith, The Institute for Responsible Technology , f or his years of game changing work alerting the people of the world regarding the dangers of genetically modified organisms, and for his work as a citizen mobilizer, organizer and advocate to help bring about the change that is giving the people the information they need to make life saving decisions about the food that eat and the seeds that they grow.

2. The Colorado Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation and Jan Kerschner f or their launching in 2009 of the non-profit CSHFF, specifically to promote and protect access to natural health care in Colorado, and for their over 10-year vigilance in protecting health freedoms in Colorado, and for their work in passage of the 2013 Natural Health Consumer Protection Act.

3. Scott Tips, National Health Federation f or his tireless effort at voicing the concerns of members of the human family regarding safe and healthful food supplies in International Codex meetings, especially his voicing the need for removal of human toxins from foods, and the protection of foods that are beneficial to health and well-ness. And for being selected to speak on behalf of consumers world-wide at the 50th Anniversary of Codex Alimnetarius celebration in Moscow on April 10, 2013.

4. Rosemary Gladstar, Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center and Botanical Sanctuary, for her expansive work promoting an understanding and protection of the plants of the earth including especially her knowledge and celebration of herbs and their ecological and medicinal qualities, and her support of practitioners and manufacturers who provide herbs to the world community.

In SUMMARY: The coming together of these organizations and leaders marks another historic event in the movement to bring freedom in health back to the citizens, consumers, individuals, and health-seekers of our country. We ask you to support these organizations in working together in peaceful collaborative efforts to regain the health and strength of our great nation. (Click Here to read the entire Health Freedom Congress Program)

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The 2013 U.S. Health Freedom Congress   A Grand Success

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Last year, in 2012, the US Health Freedom Congress passed resolutions promoting health freedom. We continue to share these resolutions with the public to support the health freedom efforts. They are listed below for your convenience.

The 2012 US Health Freedom Congress RESOLUTIONS:
(Click on each Resolution to read full language)  

They adopted:
Resolution 1A Protecting Humanity from Mercury-containing Drugs; and
Resolution 3B Supporting the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food;  

They also adopted the health freedom principles embodied in 13 additional resolutions with the support of the member organizations to the extent determined by each organization’s governing principles including the following resolutions:

Resolution 2B Resolution on Electromagnetic Health
Resolution 3A Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know
Resolution 4A Dietary Supplement Protection
Resolution 5A Misrepresentations of High Fructose Corn Syrup HFCS
Resolution 6B Food Freedom
Resolution 7A Right to Refuse Vaccination
Resolution 8A Water Fluoridation Resolution
Resolution 9A Dental Amalgam (Mercury) Fillings
Resolution 11A Autism
Resolution 13A Protecting the Profession of Colon Hydrotherapy
Resolution 14A Informed Consent
Resolution 15A FDA Warning Letters
Resolution 16A FDA Treatment of Synthetic Botanicals