National Health Freedom Coalition

Check out Diane Miller on the Robert Scott Bell Show

Check out Diane Miller on The Robert Scott Bell Show!  She shares the latest about the work of NHFC and it’s sister lobbying organization NHFA on safe harbor bills and the health freedom movement. During their inspiring conversation Diane & Robert spoke about having the courage to say no to authorities infringing on our rights to make decisions about our own health, about the current culture that is afraid to say no to authority, and about finding a balance where we can all live together and prosper.

Just click the image to watch the show! Diane is the guest in the second hour starting around 1:05.

“You know, we have to remember that we’re people that are innovative, strong, courageous.  We have other ways we can get well.  We have great, great resources to keep our communities healthy.”

-Diane Miller, Director of Law and Public Policy, NHFA & NHFC

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