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Congratulations Indiana for Working to Prohibit Vaccine Passports!

The relentless calls and emails from the members and followers of Hoosiers for Medical Liberty were heard by the Indiana State Legislature and on April 22nd in a final conference committee, legislators included language in HB1405, a lengthy insurance bill, to prohibit the state or local government from issuing or requiring a vaccine passport.  On April 28th the bill was signed by the Speaker and is on its way to the Governor!


The bill language is a great victory for Indiana citizens.  But according to Hoosiers it does not go far enough.  They will continue their work because they want to prohibit not only state and local governments, but also all other entities, businesses and institutions from utilizing these passports.  They also want to prohibit coercion not only for vaccines, but also for all medical interventions.


The following language regarding immunization passports is on its way to the Governor as part of the larger bill:


Sec. 5. (a) Except as provided in subsection (b), the state or a local unit may not issue or require an immunization passport.


(b) This section does not prohibit the state or a local unit from doing any of the following:


(1) Maintaining, creating, or storing a medical record of an individual’s immunization status.


(2) Providing a medical record of an individual’s immunization status to the individual’s medical provider in accordance with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (P.L.104-191).


(3) Providing the individual with a record of an immunization at the time the individual receives the immunization or upon request by the individual.


(4) Maintaining an immunization record for the purpose of public health administration.


Nationwide, citizens are working to protect their fundamental rights and freedom to make their own medical decisions free from coercion. Hoosiers for Medical Liberty is doing an amazing job tackling the work it takes to defend Liberty.  Thank you, Hoosiers for Medical Liberty!

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