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Exciting Matching Grant for NHFC!

Help NHFC Work for Your Health Freedom!

Picture this:  You need to meet with a favorite health coach or healing practitioner that you depend on when you aren’t feeling so well.  Then you find out that she is no longer practicing – she has been shut down for “the practice of medicine without a license.”  Oh no!

National Health Freedom Coalition is raising awareness on this problem that exists in most states.  And NHFC is letting people know that a solution is available.  Safe Harbor Practitioner Exemption bills give many practitioners, such as herbalists, homeopaths, wellness coaches, and many others, exemptions from such charges provided that they comply with certain requirements.  National Health Freedom Action (NHFA), our sister lobbying organization, is working on this, and to date we have ten states with some form of safe harbor bills.  NHFC educates citizens in many states on what they can do to promote health freedom changes such as this, as well as parental choice on health care for children, including vaccination, access to raw milk, and many other issues.

We have an exciting matching grant offer that is helping to make our work possible.  An anonymous donor is offering $10,000 to NHFC, if we can raise $10,000 in donations by midnight May 31!  Please support our work for health freedom and donate today.  Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar!

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