National Health Freedom Coalition

What if Everyone Working for Health Freedom United in one Huge Cooperative Event?

That is exactly the vision of National Health Freedom Coalition, which just hosted its 11th US Health Freedom Congress.  This vision is shared by the many health freedom leaders who gathered this week to strategize together for the strength of the movement.  What a beneficial gathering this was!

Here is why we do it:
♦ We come together to share our visions and hope with each other.
♦ We come together to help each other experience and remember that we are part of a larger community, we are not alone.
♦ We come together to expand the conversation and possibilities so that our voice can reach more seekers and the narrative of truth can pierce the propaganda machines.
♦ We come together to find ways to address the pragmatic nay-sayers.
♦ We come together to be honest with what we are needing to address and what we are up against.
♦ We come together to be appreciated for the hard work and contributions we make.
♦ We come together to celebrate each other and to celebrate the parts of our visions that are coming true.
♦ And finally, we come together to add to our visions, to sharpen the focus of our intentions, and articulate and describe the world we really want to manifest.

United States Health Freedom Congress 
We Come Together
By Diane Margaret Miller

Thank you to everyone who participated! More information coming soon on the gathering that will continue to have an impact on our health freedoms, as leaders return to their organizations, inspired and energized to work on their individual missions.