National Health Freedom Coalition

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Your donation by June 30 will help us meet our goal of $15,000 for our Summer Campaign. NHFC is committed to raising awareness and promoting freedom of choice in health care, such as:
  • access to natural health care practitioners such as wellness coaches, herbalists, homeopaths, and many others;
  • access to holistic doctors and other holistic licensed professionals;
  • access to mercury free vaccines;
  • protection of philosophical exemptions for vaccine mandates;
  • access to reliable information on vaccine safety
  • access to raw unpasteurized foods such as raw milk and dairy products and farm fresh products;
  • supporting the labeling of genetically modified foods;
  • protect parent rights to make medical choices, including alternative health care for their children;
  • bringing together leaders of health freedom organizations to strengthen the health freedom movement by hosting the US Health Freedom Congress.

Our goal: to empower citizens to make health care decisions with the information they need.

  NHFC is raising awareness on these health freedom issues.  But, we need your support.  Your support for NHFC helps to ensure that we can continue to work towards our mission of health freedom for everyone.

We pledge to continue to work for you and your freedom of choice and ask that you pledge your support to us.


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