Second National Health Freedom Conference

Harmony © 2004

By Diane Miller

Second National Health Freedom Conference
Good afternoon and welcome

What a blessing to be with such an incredible group of leaders.


Thanks to a wonderful:


Conference Committee- Linda Peterson contribution Conf Director
Jerri Johnson
Leo Cashman
Karen Willcox

Invited Presenters




We are looking forward to a wonderful weekend with all of you.

Many of you have traveled long distances to get here and for that we are grateful

Many of you have traveled long distances mentally and emotionally to get to this place at t his time in your life and for that we are grateful.

Our goal for this conference is

– to bring like minds together from across the nation and and the globe to
– focus completely on the concept of health freedom.

We have all been in touch by email and websites about health freedom

Now we can look each other in the eye and get a greater sense of who we are and how we can best work together to make this happen.

We know that every person in this room is a visionary and leader.

Otherwise you would not have come to
A specialized conference up in the heartland of the United States near Lake Wobegon.

We are especially grateful for the speakers and presenters who have offered their time and wisdom to make this happen.

Dan Haley – recovering
Julie Hilton – recovering
Deborah Miller and Arthur England – Ivan Hurricane

This conference is very unique in that we all came here to talk about health freedom as opposed to learning about alternative health or health options themselves.

#1 goal will be to share as much information as possible with you and encourage you to share information with each other so that you can be as successful as possible in your work to move this country into whole health and health freedom.

#2 goal is to honor the power and energy of this group of people that has come together and to be open to the mystery of the journey and to allow ourselves to be lead to where we need to go in order to bring healing to our nation.

Second conference for health freedom advocates and it has grown from last year. This year we have invited additional presenters to provide you with more options and have added a post conference on Codex. We hope you can join us for Codex that as well.

As a fellow leader, I join with you to explore health freedom ways to make a reality in our country.

This year I have been once again challenged and stretched immensely to more deeply understand health freedom.

We have learned much thanks to many of you and your work.

You are my teachers and on behalf of the entire health freedom movement I thank you
Thank you to the great work of the Florida team who

First and foremost have received a Governors Proclamation.
Copy in binder
Supports their sunrise act

fearlessly gave their first power point presentation before the House Health Care Committee and

their first oral presentation before the Senate Health Committee and

then proceeded to educate the Florida legislature in Tallehassee about their bill for the entire session.

Thank you to the completely grassroots lobbing team of Iowa Health Freedom.

They have mobilized health freedom in Iowa.

An amazing group of all grassroots volunteer activists,
they converge on the capitol when ever necessary.

This year they obtained subcommittee hearings and full committee hearings
and lost by only one vote, which my understanding was a mistake in vote counting, in the Health Committee.

They did not back down

and have held successful conferences in a number of cities throughout Iowa and are prepared to get their health freedom bill passed this session.

Of course, in their spare time, and since they were on a role, they drafted a bill to ban mercury thimerisol in vaccines and became the first state in the United States with a ban. Congratulations and thank you Iowa.

And thank you to New York for their hard work over the past four years and

for challenging us to enter in to the conversation about state police power and regulation more deeply.

The discussions generated by New York have pushed us further into the depths of understandings of health freedom and

helped us to be able to articulate our positions clearly

articulate reasons why our organization does not believe an unlicensed person should be forced to proactively sign up with the government before they do a healing act.

And thank you to Georgia CAMA

for not giving up after over 10? + years at the legislature and

for creating a new solution. Marge Roberts has found a sponsor with a new idea for moving a health freedom bill in Georgia and we are very hopeful that she will be successful and we will celebrate with her.

Marge Roberts is a great teacher and speaks often on health freedom issues.

Thank you to North Carolina

for finding a very creative way to keep their bill alive this session and

for starting their work of setting up outreach community meetings to mobilize North Carolina for health freedom.

Thank you Monte Kline in Washington

for single-handedly taking a bill to the Washington legislature and getting a sponsor to introduce it. The bill was not heard in hearing but

we are hopeful that Washington activists will appear to help him move the bill forward.

And thank you to Representative Cynthia Evans in Hawaii

for introducing legislation without the support of a health freedom organization

to allow unlicensed practitioners to practice,

even though they have an existing law in place that allows native shamans to practice.

Her bill did not get heard but if you are aware of any health freedom persons in Hawaii please let her know

And thank you to Representative Mary Harper of Kentucky

for introducing a health freedom bill allowing herbalist and homeopaths and other unlicensed practitioners to practice.

We are not aware of a group in Kentucky but if you know people there please let us know.

Thank you to California

for working hard to monitor their new health freedom law and be aware of legal cases going forward while the new law is in place.

And as a successful state have now helped other states as well as national with health freedom work.

We welcome Jen Doolin from California as our new Champion Campaign Coordinator and look forward to working with her.

Recently I had the great opportunity to meet with the young Louisiana Health Freedom Coalition and

they are an amazing group of activists.

Last session they were able to stop a bill that would have increased charges of practice of medicine from a misdemeanor to a felony.

As a follow up they are mobilizing to introduce a health freedom bill and are all volunteers.

This spring I was able to meet with Kansas and Missouri health freedom activists in Kansas City and

we are sad that they could not be with us today because many natural health people are at the Nature Sunshine convention in Florida.

We’ll have to do better at scheduling next year.

We are in touch with many state leaders by phone or email

But especially at this conference

We are privileged to have the head of the Oklahoma Health Freedom group with us today, Elissa Meininger.

Oklahoma has some of the oldest health freedom laws in the U.S. and

Elissa is a medical health freedom historian. If you ever want to know what was in the minds of our four fathers just ask Elissa and then reserve a lot of time because she is a fountain of knowledge and facts and is a wonderful teacher of history.




New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico





All of these states have health freedom leaders working to form a focus of power to move health freedom forward.

The conversations and strategy meetings I have had with leaders have been exciting and profound.

We are shaping the future together.


The deeper I delve into the principles of health freedom the closer I feel to the hearts and minds of the persons who first founded our government and country.

Last year I spoke to you about Thomas Jefferson

and his belief that “enlightenment and liberty were one in the same”
and that you cannot have a free people if the people are not filled with light.

Health freedom leaders understand this and they work hard to shed new light on old paradigms.

This Spring I returned to the Jefferson Memorial and pondered, with Jefferson, what would be the next step to health freedom.

(I have to be careful when I ponder because the power of intention to manifest physical reality can be quite unsettling. In this case I found myself on a plane to Geneva Switzerland to attend Codex 10 days later!)

What I came away with on that day with Jefferson was a new sense of courage.

Why would I even hesitate or cower to assert my opinion about freedom

I have an inherent right to be free.

I have the authority from within and above to make decisions for my own survival.

Why shouldn’t I be able to say what I think about curing or healing?

I do my work for health freedom because I believe in the power of healing

I believe that paths to healing are as many as the stars in the universe

And that we need healing now as individuals, as a country and as a planet.

We cannot afford to be afraid to say what we think about curing and healing.

We need to tell the truth or we will die.

I’ve noticed now that other authorities do not shake me as they might have in the past.

I can speak more matter of factly to legislators and policymakers

that health freedom is of course common sense and reality
belonging in the penumbra of liberties entrusted by our constitution.

In fact not only am I “not afraid”.

I am starting to get impatient about health freedom.

Actually I guess I have to be honest,

I am angry
and I have always turned by anger into creative projects
making lemonade out of lemons.

When Dan Haley was asked: Will this ever change?
He said: Not until people get pitch fork angry!
No Parent in this country should be threatened with having their kids taken away from them by the government when they refuse to use government-approved chemotherapy for their child’s cancer or homeopathic remedies instead of antibiotics for a sore throat.

No child or senior or anyone else should be shot with government-sanctioned vaccines containing mercury and thimerisol causing brain injuries autism, Alzheimer’s, and death.

No Physician should lose their license for using a holistic approach to cure on an informed patient rather than administering drugs such as Ritalin for ADD or Chemotherapy for cancer.

No research scientist should ever have to worry about a swat team entering their lab and taking all of their equipment and being halled off to jail when they have successfully found a way to diagnose lymes disease by growing spirochetes on media.

No consumer depending on products should ever get a call saying that their retail supplier of supplements and Rife machine device who is a licensed nurse has been raided and charged with fraud by the federal government.

No manufacturer should ever be afraid of legal action for telling the public what they know to be truthful about a product used for health or cure.

No person in a hospital or rest home should have to be treated as uncooperative, aggressive, or suspicious because they ask to read their own medical chart.

No person should be scorned or shamed for using holistic methods of health care by their doctor.

No one should be put in jail for recommending an herb from mother earth.

No person with a terminal illness should have to feel like they are responsible for a family feud depending on what they choose for health care.

No researcher should be blocked from publication by a publisher based on economic affiliations or lack thereof.

Public Citizens should not be forced to intake toxic chemical in their public utilities such as fluoride in their water supply.

No student in school should be forced to eat food with chemicals and preservatives and sugars or go hungry.

No athletes and nature lovers should have to die of cancer because of the pesticides on the golf courses, soccer fields, and river and public walkways.

When the politics of medicine

and the economics of our food and drinking supply

block our options for health and survival,

we need to TALK survival

and address the barriers head on.

Its hard enough, even when we have adequate options to say no to a promise of a quick cure by conventional medicine and to say no to advertisements for foods and drinks that do not nourish us.

But to have no options is completely unacceptable.!


I liken the state of health freedom to the similarities

the potential collapse of a human body and
the potential collapse of a country.

For human health, the ability of each individual cell to function at its highest capacity is reflective of how well the body functions as a whole.

(That is why infusing the cells with nourishment or energy or light or positive intentions rejuvenates the body.)

How can a country

made up of individual sovereigns

whose ability to be responsible for their own survival has been depleted,

how can they have any health and power as a whole,

as a country?

We need to infuse Americans with nourishment, energy and light

and empower them in their choices in order to survive individually and as a country..

This country needs people who … freedom.

This country needs people who….. notice when freedoms and liberties are taken away.

This country needs people who….. will go into creative action when their freedoms are jeopardized.

And finally, this country needs people who….. will find solutions that work for everyone recognizing the great diversity of life on this planet.


At this point let me say a few words about freedom’s sisters,

“Tolerance” and “Diversity”.

Sweet …peaceful….. respectful…. tolerance!

Striking…. Colorful…. Rich….. profound….. diversity!

How can one promote freedom if one does not tolerate diversity?

Diversity is what our country was founded on. Diversity is our strength, our business card.!

But I would say Tolerance competes with Freedom in the presence of Diversity.

I really think these virtues (if you will) are impacting health freedom.

Our melting pot is being shaped into a homogenous brew because we forgot Tolerance? We made laws that are outright health care monopolies.

Our melting pot is being homogenized and we discourage diversity in health care so we can’t tell the difference between ingredients .

I don’t think we even feel love towards Tolerance and Diversity like we feel the love of Freedom?

I think we Americans find comfort in harmonization and homogeneity?

But I am saying now

That the combination of freedom …and…tolerance…in the presence of ….diversity

and that Harmony is not harmonization!

We need to grapple with these issue of tolerance and diversity because unless we do we will not be able to be an ambassador of health freedom.

It is a diverse world.

We have diverse healers.

We have diverse products and substances and inventions.

We have diverse legislators and policy makers.

We have diverse colleagues.

We have diverse laws.

Our work takes us into many arenas.

We need to know what the lack of tolerance of diversity looks like within and without ourselves because
without tolerance and diversity we will never find freedom..

How many of you have been in a legislator or governmental officials office and have been shamed for your words. This is not about a person not wanting to support freedom. This is about a person who is afraid of tolerance and diversity.

We need to acknowledge this fear and work with it.

It helps to be aware of similar fears within ourselves .

If we honor Freedom, Tolerance, and Diversity

We will be able to:
build bridges
shift the paradigm
make laws and public policies
ensures our survival

We can do it.

We are doing it.

Oh, let me say a little bit about Freedom, Tolerance and Diversity’s first cousin, “Curiosity”.

Playful…. Brilliant….and hard working …..Curiosity.

(Now I’ll bet you are getting worried that I will be talking about my twenty two siblings.! No not a chance, this is the last one)

Curiosity is the joy of this family.

That is why we have spirits like Norm Shealy and Berkley Bedell with us.

We are natural explorers of this human experience and environment and we revel in its mysteries.

This is our joy.

What if we could no longer be so free?

As consumers and practitioners of health care

we need the freedom to explore and be curious and fully experience our life here.

When our children start saying to us “So What” we know our country is in trouble. But they are not saying “so what”.

And Theresa Jones will give you an example of a young heart and mind exploring the universe of labyrinths tonight.

So Freedom Tolerance Diversity and Curiosity are,

the angels we need

helping us create a country

that fully supports us on our brilliant healing and human journeys.


Protecting and gaining a deeper understanding of freedoms

is not an easy task and

that is why you are all here.

You are looking for solutions and you

believe it is possible and you are

willing to roll up your sleeves and dig in.
We hope that this is a safe place to debate solutions and to look into the eyes of others knowing that they too have a hope and a vision of freedom in health.

This weekend you will be hearing about topics

From laws to protect access to herbalists and homeopaths
To laws that allow holistic physicians and professionals to practice
To government registration issues
Governor Proclamations
Court challenges under the constitution
Constitutional amendments
And global trade agreements and Codex

All these avenues are roads to freedom.

All these avenues require creative leaders

Leaders that:

1. Understand that we are a young nation that is once again clarifying the intention of the constitutional freedoms.

2. Understand that our right to make health care decisions is a fundamental right.

3. That are willing to become ambassadors and bridge builders able to communicate the vision of health freedom with a diverse community.

4. That are ready to problem solve and create solutions that protect our freedoms in a changing and global environment.

If we ban together I believe we can survive, as individuals….. and as a country.

As long as we understand

at the core of our beings

that the integrity and the sovereign nature of the individual

in combination with the tolerance of each other’s choices,

and the nurturing of curiosity,

are foundational principles

upon which to build a health body and a healthy nation.