National Health Freedom Coalition

Our sister organization, National Health Freedom Action (NHFA), has sent this alert to their subscribers
to announce the launch of the new Right To Refuse website. 
We thought you might be interested in checking it out. is a new website and national resource created by a group of state health freedom leaders in collaboration with National Health Freedom Action. will provide you with links to bills and resolutions introduced in your own state legislature that work to protect bodily autonomy and the fundamental right to make health care decisions without coercion. It also provides links to the organizations in your state that are working at the legislatures to move bills forward.  


Click on Your State to Protect Your Freedom! Join and support the state organizations, citizen lobbying groups, and bills being proposed at your state legislature.


AMAZING NEWS! Forty-one states have already introduced over one hundred bills to protect our rights!  Some bills are broad in scope protecting the fundamental right to bodily autonomy and prohibiting coercion to access education, travel, employment and other freedoms.   Other bills are narrower, addressing a particular issue such as protecting a person’s right to employment without coercion to disclose vaccine status, or a bill to prohibit mandates for participation in medical interventions.


Our team is working hard for you to research and list bills coming forward in the individual states that protect personal freedoms.  We are also in contact with many state groups actively working at their state legislature.  Our goal is to empower individuals in every state by offering them the support and advocacy tools they need to make meaningful changes to the laws in their states.


Together we will tip the scales in our favor and protect our freedoms!

If you are already working on passage of a Right to Refuse law
in your state

or if you want to propose a Right to Refuse law in your state,
let us know how we can support you.

Please consider a recurring or one time donation to NHFC. We are 100% donor funded and rely
on the generous support of people like you that deeply care about their health freedoms. 

Please share this exciting new Right to Refuse project with all of your health-freedom loving friends!

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