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Links from our Health Freedom Colleagues

April 7, 2020 – Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Association:  Where Do We Go From Here?
April 6, 2020 – Ron Paul:  End the Shutdown; It’s Time for Resurrection!
April 4, 2020 – Scott Tips JD, National Health Federation:  Never Has So Little Done So Much Harm to So Many – The Latest Coronavirus Attack Is A Cover for Restricting Our Health Freedoms
April 3, 2020 – Weston A. Price Foundation, Sally Fallon: More On Corona Virus
April 2, 2020 – National Institute for Science, Law, and Public Policy:  Staying Safe at Home During the Corona Crisis -Tips for Reducing Your Family’s Exposure to Wireless Radiation
April 1, 2020,  GreenMedInfo: Could Unchecked Government Power Be More Dangerous Than the Threat of Infectious Disease?
March 2020 – Charles Eisenstein:  The Coronation
March 27, 2020 – Sally Tamplin DSH, PCH, MARH: Homeopathy and Epidemic Disease
March 27, 2020 – California Health Coalition Advocacy Press Release:  Prominent Vaccinologists Caution Against Accelerating COVID-19 Vaccine to Market Amid Pandemic, Public Health Resolution Needed to Raise Awareness 
March 26, 2020 – Sally Tamplin and Dr. Jacob Mirman (Homeopathy for Pandemics):
March 22, 2020 – Martin Pal, PhD:  Argument for a 5G – COVID-19  Epidemic Causation Mechanism
March 22, 2020 – GreenMedInfo:  Making Sense of Coronavirus + Resiliency Strategies + Q and A” Sayer Ji, founder of was live-streamed Sunday, March 22nd, at 7 pm EDT.
March 20, 2020 – GreenMedInfo: Dr. Andrew Saul and Sayer Ji discuss Vitamin C, Coronavirus, and Censorship
March 18, 2020 – Citizen Council of Health Freedom: In Coronavirus Emergency, Be Persuasive, Not Coercive
March 18, 2020 – Dr. Norm Shealy:  Dr. Norm Shealy:  Dealing with the Corona Virus
March 18, 2020 – Organic Consumers Association:  Right to (Healthy) Food in a Pandemic
March 13, 2020 – Nature Plants:  Redeploying plant defences
March 12, 2020 – Alliance for Natural Health USA:  Verkerk ANH-Intl Special Report: COVID-19 – fearmongering born out of uncertainty