National Health Freedom Coalition

Can they do that? What about my choice? What about my rights?

National Health Freedom Coalition has 20 years of experience educating citizen groups in their states about the importance of protecting health rights. We provide the expertise, training, and resources needed by people, like you, who want to understand the depth of health freedom issues and the need for its protection. 

Many people want to see protections in place that allow us to make our own health choices: not only being able to choose conventional medicine when we need it, but also to use or practice holistic, non-pharmaceutical, nature-based medicine and to choose to vaccinate or not vaccinate with informed consent and without coercion.

We are committed to helping any group that needs our expertise, but to do that, we will need your support! We need to double or triple our budget to be able to help all the states that need it. We are very busy getting ready for 2021 and we are as ready as ever to see proactive & protective changes in states all across America. 

Our End of Year Fundraising Campaign is in full swing. We have a total goal of $50K and a generous matching grant that means the first $8,500 is doubled! Thank you to everyone who has generously donated so far! We are well on our way. Can you help us reach our goal by the end of 2020?

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our matching donors: Dr. Clark Research Association,
Ned Wuertz, Jigsaw Health, Agri-Dynamics, Jim and Nancy Cutler and 
Washington Homeopathic Products.

NHFC is a non-profit 501(c)3 educational organization. Your contributions may be tax deductible for charitable giving purposes.

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